A family harvests red chili peppers in Kunri, Pakistan, February 24, 2022. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

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Membership Benefits

Trainings and Developments for farmers, local firms, and exporters

Consultancy and advocacy through technical experts (Technical Working Group)

Courses, workshops and farm training sessions in collaboration with leading agri institutes on discount fee.

Subsidized organic food certification and PGS in collaboration with international companies

Availability of organic inputs on subsidized rates

POA’s digital membership certificate to enhance your brand trust

Presence in organic food directory to increase your creditability with current and potential customers and suppliers.

Your products availability in POA’s organic stores, farmer markets, e-stores and on other events.

Participation in national organic exhibition

Opportunity of collaboration with federal and provincial agri-organizations.

Opportunities for public private partnerships

Opportunities for international linkages and export ventures

Opportunity for funds generation

Opportunity for business to business partnerships

Digital and print promotions of  POA’s and its members through social media, newspaper, presence in TV shows, print articles, bloggings etc.

Monthly organic magazine and e-news to promote organic brands and awareness about organic food.