Our vision is the vision of organic farmers, entrepreneurs, exporters, consumers and other stakeholders.


Our mission is to protect and promote organic agriculture in Pakistan by developing supply chain, stakeholder awareness and influence public policies. This means through organic agriculture, we are looking towards rural development, social, environmental and economic sustainability specially contribution to export and national human capital through safe and nutrient food in local markets

Core Values

National Health System

Cost Effective Farming

Rural Development

Better Ecology

Indigenous Resources

Trade Development


A platform where we collect all organic food players i.e. growers, manufacturer, vendors, traders, Suppliers, brands, exporters, researchers, scientists, consumers etc for training and development etc
To initiate the organic food promotional activities in order to protect and promote organic farming in Pakistan.
To develop national organic agriculture program (NOP) in collaboration with agriculture research institutes for government approval and execution.
To promote Participatory Guarantee Systems(PGS).
To develop organic farmers associative.
To conduct training of farmers, growers, manufacturers and other members in collaboration with national and international institutions.
To spread awareness about organic food to various stakeholders including consumers, government and enterprises in collaboration with national and international organizations.
To secure locations from the government to build regular organic food markets in various cities.
To launch organic food stores and farmer markets in various cities.
To collaborate with academia offering organic food courses, degrees, diplomas and conducting research in this regard.
Generate funds for Pakistan Organic Association


To protect and support organic.